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mystique |misˈtēk|noun

• an air of secrecy surrounding a particular activity or subject that makes it impressive or baffling to those without specialized knowledge.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from French, from Old French.

Glamour photography is the ability to create photos of a person or object, that allure people’s attention with charismatic qualities, creating a visual expression of the magnetism of attraction that is contained with in a person or object. The art is contained in setting up the lighting and composition to enhance the subject beyond the normal state of viewing. It can be a beautiful model or a simple wine glass.

Todays publishing trends have converged to mix Fashion and Glamour photography into an acceptable art form that is viewed in every day society, example Victoria’s Secret, W magazine, Maxim, Esquire, Glamour and countless more. The classic beauty and mystic of  america’s ‘Playboy’ is considered a “Life Style” magazine, and is considered provocative only because it celebrates the ‘nude’ female form.

My personal goal is to create tasteful compelling photos in this evolving field.

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Experienced artist with a passion for creating beautiful visions of people and objects.
By combining my artistic eye with high quality digital photography techniques, and a clear understanding of lighting I am offering my services as a photographer in this emerging field of fashion and beauty photography called glamour. Feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me if you would like to discuss working on a project together.